Friday, June 14, 2013

Photo Friday: she loves the pool

p o o l
 On Saturday morning we took H to the pool early to avoid the crowd.  She has so much fun, she thinks she is such a big girl and tries to swim.  She was totally over her baby float from last year, and didn't understand why we had to hold her in the water!  She loves to jump off the side of the pool to us, and wants to do it over and over again.  I am working on getting her into swim lessons but its hard to make them work with our work schedules.  Boo.
On Sunday we made the mistake of taking her to the park by the pool.  She took off her hat and bow and tried to climb through the gate to get to the pool area.  She walked all the way around the complex, looking for a way in.
So we went home, put our suits on, and went back to the pool.  Sometimes my working mommy guilt kicks in (ok all the time) and on weekends I give in and let her do whatever activity her little heart desires.  I have a feeling its going to be p o o l all Summer for us!


Anonymous said...

You should look into Nitro swimming for lessons. They offer lessons at convenient times and are awesome!

cob0322 said...

Try the Puddle Jumper arm floats. They are Coast Guard approved and so much better than the basic water wings. It has a piece that goes across the chest that keeps your from flipping forward. My daughter used this when she outgrew the baby float and she was swimming all over the place. They usually run around $20. You can get at places like Target, Toy R' Us, ect. They have lots of cute designs. Ours are 2 years old and still look brand new after a couple of summers use.

Bobbie said...

There's a lady I know in Baytown who loves little girls named Hadley. Have you thought about getting her give swim lessons? She has a pool in her backyard. She will be gone this weekend to Hilton Head, so you will have to wait a couple of weeks.