Friday, March 1, 2013

Favorite Bargain Shopping Spots

I'm a bargain hunter.  In fact, pre-baby, it was probably my #1 hobby.  Nothing gives me more of a rush than finding a gem at Goodwill, or scoring a pair of high end shoes off EBAY for a fraction of the cost.

My IRL friends know this all too well.  They will ask where I got something, and when I answer "at Ross for $9", they get so pissed.

My shopping time has dramatically decreased since the arrival of H, so I have to maximize the time I do get.  Here are a few of my favorite discount destinations, and what I typically shop for at each:

Ross - My least favorite of all the discount department stores, but I do score good dresses here.  They have a petite section for dresses as well, so that is nice.  You know what else I get here?  Curtain rods.  Insanely cheap.  Like $9-16 a rod, with nice hardware.  Almost all the rods in my house are from Ross

JCPenney - I might be biased b/c I used to work there, but I do find gems at JCP.  The prices on kids clothes are great.  And the petite jeans fit me nicely.  I also have had good luck with shoes there recently.  And statement jewelry for a good price.  There is one near my house so I can pop in quickly.

Marshall's - Good for shoes, home decor and means Ralph Lauren.  I also get all my iPhone stuff here  - covers, screen protectors, chargers.  They have a great selection of the iHome brand, and its so much cheaper than at the Apple store.  They have nice Contemporary women's clothes too, but rarely anything in an XS so I don't get that many clothes there.  They do have a good selection of work out attire though.

TJMaxx - Pretty much the same as Marshall's, although I do like their Juniors section more at TJMaxx.

EBAY - If I am looking for a specific item, I will search EBAY.  I recently went to Stride Rite to get shoes for H, they didn't have the ones I wanted in her size, but after I knew what size I needed I was able to find 2 NEW pairs on EBAY for about 40% off the store price.

Buffalo Exchange - This is a chain of resale stores where you can sell your clothes for cash or store credit.  It depends on the city and area of town but I can always score cocktail dresses and jeans here for super cheap.  I got a DVF dress that I wore as a maternity dress for $25.  And I just got a Juicy coat that still had tags - retail $300, I paid $40.  Great selection of jeans for around $25 - JBrand, Hudson, Paige, etc.

Kid's Consignment Shops - These are hit or miss.  I have good luck with toys here though.  I hate spending money on giant plastic things she will only play with for a few months, and I feel like its more environmentally friendly to buy used.  Think Excersaucers, walkers, noise making things.  Good source for play clothes and jeans.  I recently scored some Tea Collection and Mini Boden tshirts for $4 each.  And a pair of Saltwater sandals for $14.

Some people are just not into "digging" so discount shopping is just not there thing, I get it.  But I like to be stylish + I am cheap so I just can't stay away from places that are offering a bargain!

And just in case bargain shopping is not your think, here are some of my dress finds that just may tempt you to think outside the box and shop on the cheap!

Me wearing an Express dress from Buffalo Exchange - bought for $8

Me at the Derby wearing a $14 dress from Ross (after looking everywhere, including Neimans an Saks for the perfect dress!)
Recent date night, wearing an $8 dress from Ross

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