Tuesday, December 18, 2012


SO not jealous of her, but those shoes are pretty AMAZING.  And H is rarely wearing pants at home, so I guess we have that in common.

I have to admit, I have been a little envious lately.  Envious of the Moms I see on Facebook, dressed up, with cute hair and cute makeup, going to a Holiday party.  Envious of the everyday fashion bloggers I read, the ones that actually have time to shop for bargains at Forever 21 and H&M.

The irony of being a working Mom is that I am earning good money, contributing to my family and still have a little left over, but I don't have time to spend it.  I feel like I am sporting the same tired clothes I have been wearing for the last 3 years.

I don't have time to shop.  And when I do, I usually don't come home with anything.  Because as much as I want to be dressed cute, with a statement necklace and sparkly sweater, I really don't have a place to wear red skinny jeans.  I go to work, and I go home, and spend time with my amazing Husband and baby girl.

I know in my heart that should be enough.  The Husband is AMAZING.  I can't say it enough, he does so much for me and baby H.  He cooks, he is the best Dad ever.  He is great at bed time.  And by that, I mean putting H to bed, HA!

But still, a small part of me wishes for fabulous wavy hair and Tory Burch riding boots.  But then I try to remember, appearances can be deceiving and if I had a Pinterest board filled with my kick-ass family it would deserve a bunch of re-pins.


Becky Wilson said...

Thanks for this Kim. I've been back at work for 3 months now and I identify with so much of what you said. I don't have time for anything other than work and my sweet family. I wear the same stuff day in and day out because 1) I don't have time to shop and 2) I'm still trying to lose a few more pounds post-baby. I don't even feel like I have time for friends these days!

hpmagid said...

All the women you are envious of, are actually envious of YOU with your awesome family. Tory Burch boots do not a happy family make. Sounds like your priorities are in order. Sometimes all the stuff is their way of trying to find/buy happiness because that's the only way they can get it.

Sarah said...

Don't worry, I think most are in the same boat, working at home or out. I secretly want to go back to work for grown-up clothes. And I'd love a spare night to dress up and go out with girlfriends. Soon enough. This is a short season of life! And you are right, pinning our children would go viral. :)