Monday, January 23, 2012

We Love Our Playmat

Baby H LOVES her playmat.  We started putting her on it at about 6 weeks, and she loved to look up at all the toys.  Right around 2.5 months she started actually grabbing them and feeling the textures and making sounds.  She even knows that if she kicks the base of one of the bars, all the toys will move and shake.

It doesn't have lights or sounds that are battery powered, which is ok with me.  It makes it nice and quiet and less annoying.   Plus, the colors actually blend in with our house a bit and the little toys are pretty cute.  They attach on rings so I can take them off to give her to play with, or add new toys if she gets bored with the old ones.

It comes with a mini boppy type pillow for tummy time, but the bottom side has fabric that is kind of slick, so it moves when she is laying on it.  I found that if I flip it over and put the cotton pattern side down, it works better.

Its not the cheapest one out there, but I love the design and it occupies her for a good 20 minutes at a time.  Half the time she plays so hard she passes out right there on the mat, which is really cute.  I would highly recommend it!

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JackAsh Segner said...

we have last years model of the skip hop play mat and it's our favorite as well!