Thursday, January 26, 2012

Carousel Designs Fabric

If you are browsing for crib bedding, you have probably come across Carousel Designs.  They have a great site with a feature that allows you to choose fabrics and details to customize bedding.  Only problem, the price.  I find their prices to be a bit high for a bedding set.  I'm kind of cheap like that.

But the other day I was searching for pink and gray fabric combos for a friend, and I came across their pink and gray chevron pattern fabric.  For $7.50/yard.  I never knew they sold most of their fabrics by the yard, and the prices are great.  Most fabrics I end up liking are the $45-70/yard designer type.  I found that theirs look designer, without the designer price.  Most ranged from $7.50 to $15 and I didn't see any over $20. 

If you are looking for some unique, designer looking crib bedding fabric I encourage you to check them out.  I haven't seen any of them in person, so I can't attest to the quality, but you can order a fabric swatch for .50.  And I like that they have pictures of bedding made from the fabrics already, so you can see the scale of the pattern and get ideas for accent colors, pattern mixing, and trim.

Here are a few of my favs:

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