Thursday, December 22, 2011

Modern Gender Neutral Nursery Ideas

I am envious of those of you with enough will power to wait and find out the gender of your baby when they arrive.  I have a friend whose Mom is a retired OBGYN and she said that the parents that wait are always more excited at the birth because there is a level of anticipation.  Maybe on Round 2 I will wait and be surprised.

The hardest thing about waiting for me would be decorating the room - as you can tell I am slightly obsessed with nursery decorating.  So for those of you that are not as controlling as me, here are some modern, gender neutral rooms to get your creative juices flowing.  I apologize in advance for the heavy use of gray - it seems to be everywhere and I had trouble finding modern spaces that didn't use it!
wallpaper + Moroccan accents for a an updated eclectic feel

image from Spearmint Baby

gray walls + colorful school-inspired accessories

image from Spearmint Baby

gray walls + stripes + pops of turquoise

more gray walls + chevron and dot print fabrics

image from Project Nursery
polka dot walls + pops of goldenrod yellow in the amazing budget-friendly nursery 

nursery design by ourdreamforclosure


Lindsay N. Strickland said...

I love the Ikea rug in the first photo!!

We plan to wait and find out the gender at birth, but I'm just not sure if I can wait for baby now. I'm an insane planner and I dunnnooooo.....eek...

Michelle said...

Thanks for featuring our nursery!! (blushing)

Have you seen Credit Repair said...

Wow! What a beautiful space for your baby. I LOVE the built-ins! Great job! Can't wait to "meet" little man!