Monday, September 19, 2011

Weekend Projects

I finished up a few project last weekend that have been lingering on my To Do list.  The Husband was out of town for a wedding (that I sadly had to miss - no travel for me!) and I enjoyed some alone time, watched too much TV and completed some things I have been putting off.

I covered the books in our office with some pretty paper - we have a loose Texas A&M theme going so I used some touches of maroon.  I was lucky enough to score these vintage books from my Dad when he was cleaning out a closet so this project cost me under $5.

I also made Baby Cox a welcome home sign.  This is actually the second one I made.  You see I finished the first, went outside to give it a coat of spray sealer, only to realize I was spraying white primer all over it instead of clear sealer.  Sweet.  So I had to make a whole new one.  Luckily I had all the supplies I needed, and all the paint, paper and ribbon is scraps left over from other projects, so this was also an inexpensive one.  I plan to add her birthdate, weight and height to the bottom after she arrives and hang it in our entry way for when we have visitors.

I have a few other projects to finish up including some new mantle art, dining room art and curtains for both rooms.  I am sure I can't complete them before the baby arrives, but I am going to try to at least gather the supplies and maybe work on them when I am home on maternity leave.  I have family visiting in November from CA and I would love to have some of these projects done before they get here!

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SnowflakeBrit said...

Really love the idea of hanging that up for when visitors come to see.
Plus, I'm glad I'm not the only one who makes daft mistakes with paint cans ;-)