Friday, May 27, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

We've got big plans this weekend to go to the lake with some friends.  The Husband and I opted not to stay at the lakehouse with them, so we will be making the half hour drive out there in the morning.  No big deal since we get up really early anyway.  We are taking The Husbands new love (besides the baby) out there, a vintage Jeep Scrambler.  He washed it this week so it would be nice and pretty.

I went to The Gap outlet yesterday to pick up some bigger T's for sleeping and working out.  They didn't have what I wanted, but I did end up buying a new 2 piece that range up on clearance for a total of $9!!  I was super excited and I will be wearing it to the lake this weekend.  I decided I would go with the bikini, but this new one has a little more coverage on the bottom, which is good.

I am also rockin' the preggo skinny jeans today and I am liking them.  I will do a post next week comparing the skinnies to the boot cut, lets just say I feel much better in the skinnies b/c they show I actually have normal size legs.

Hope you all have a great weekend, I promise I have some decorating posts up my sleeve for the next few weeks because I know that is what you really want to see!

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