Monday, March 28, 2011

Dual Purpose Nursery

This post was inspired by a friend who will sooner or later have to convert her guest room into a nursery/guest room combo.  I wanted to show her that a crib and a daybed or guest bed can be stylish and still accommodate your little one and the occasional guest.
If you need to create a shared space, think about how often that room really guests used as a guest room.  If is is less than once a month, the room is going to be primarily for baby and I think it should reflect that.  When guest come to stay, you can use a pack n play to put baby in the master with you.  Since most guess (read grandparents) will be coming to visit the baby anyway (you do know that you cease to exist once you give birth to their grandchild, don't you?) they won't mind having to bunk up in the nursery.
If the room is big enough for a crib, full or queen size bed and dresser, great.  But more than likely it will be a little tight with all of those pieces of furniture.  A day bed is a good solution and can be styled more as a couch when you are not using it to sleep.  Bonus points if it has a trundle underneath so it can sleep 2 (do they still even make those things?).
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A sleeper sofa is another good option, plus you can nap in it too!

This room has a full size bed and the bird theme crosses between the bedding and the adult decor

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So don't feel bad if baby doesn't have its own room!  You can still be stylish in a shared space!

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