Thursday, December 9, 2010

You are my sunshine ideas

I'm like a spy, a secret ninja, and I know you guys want to see a post with ideas for a "you are my sunshine room". No really, I have Google Analytics and it is one of the top 5 most searched things that brings people to my little blog. I have done several "you are my sunshine" pieces, so I thought I put put them together and give some other inspiring pictures and tips for creating a room with that theme.

First up, color. This yellow and aqua room pretty much says it all - bright and sunny with the expected pops of yellow.

image from here

Both of these fabulous bedding sets have a sunshine motif, and the colors can be used in a variety of ways.

Maggie set from Serena and Lily. To see more ideas for this room, see my previous post.

Oh What a Beautiful Morning from Land of Nod

Really though, this favorite little poem can by incorporated into any color scheme, it doesn't have to be the obvious blue and yellow. Here is a picture I did for a room with a brown and blue theme:

These 2 also have a sun theme:

And here are a few of my favorite finds from etsy that use the verse in a variety of ways. For more ideas, just search "you are my sunshine' on - you will be amazed at what you come up with!

Available in a variety of sizes, this graphic can be printed and framed, or hung from a clothesline with other pictures or postcards
Wall Decal - always a favorite and great on the wall or as an art piece applied to canvas or an old cabinet door like this one:

can be found here on etsy

Really its all about what you like and what makes the room personal for you!

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Andrea S. said...

This "You Are My Sunshine" canvas print would be a great match for this gender-neutral baby room too!

Love all these great ideas! Thanks for sharing!