Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Shabby Chic Ceiling Tile Art

You probably know by now that I am obsessed with ceiling tiles. I love to use them as wall decor, and I recently ordered some blank tiles for a client order, as well as to experiment with. One of those experiments was for my BF's little sister, who is doing a shabby chic purple and green room. Her walls are light purple, and she has all white furniture.

find her bedding here

I created this white tile with green and lavender accents to coordinate with her shabby chic theme. In the center, a letter A, for Audrey.

It measures 25x25" and is mounted on a painted pine box for easy hanging. If you are interested in my ceiling tile designs, email me at customnurseryart at gmail.com.


Solid Pine Furniture said...

Is the furniture in the photos made up of Pine tree?

Kathy said...

You did good with choosing purple - it goes well with the baby's room! I am an avid fan of the arts, particularly the ones that are in tile. Tampa, FL is currently into this sort of art - applying the custom tiles to bathrooms, kitchen, and like yours; regular rooms! It's so amazing that you can do a lot of things from a simple tile. St petersburg, FL produces a lot of plain white tiles for hobbyists and local artists to make amazing art out of them - chimes, coasters and frames! The possibilities are endless.