Friday, October 22, 2010

Painting & Shopping This Weekend

This weekend I am on-call for work, which means I have to hang around town in case any clients need me. I am actually looking forward to it b/c that means I get to stay in town for the weekend! I only have 3 weekends between now and Christmas where I will not be out of town and its going to be exhausting!

I plan on doing some shopping on Friday night b/c I need a little Fall wardrobe refresh. I haven't really bought anything new in like 6 months and I looked at my Fall shoes this week and they are looking pretty sad! I've been scouring the fashion blogs this week for inspiration, here are a few of my favorite ones:

Anthroholic Blog

Kendi Everyday

Extra Petite

Alterations Needed Blog

Here is what I am on the hunt for:

  • black ankle booties - ones that come really low so I look like less of a witch. I hope to be able to wear them to work with tights and with dresses for a fun weekend look

  • Fall cardigans I can wear to work as well as casual

  • Fall dresses with 3/4 length sleeves

  • A few necklaces to dress up my solid work clothes - I tend to wear mostly solids and spice them up with accessories

  • Anything else good that is on sale!

Shopping seems to be hit or miss for me - I am pretty petite and have trouble finding things that fit. I am also SUPER thrifty and have trouble paying more than like $30 for anything. I plan on hitting up Forever 21 and their Love 21 line that is a little more conservative. I also hear Ann Taylor Loft is having a good sale so I want to check it out. And I will probably do New York & Company for necklaces. They always have great ones at much better prices than Express or The Limited.

After that its painting, painting, painting! I am going to finish the rest of the "Wren" set, start on a fun elephant project and hopefully test out my technique for my new ceiling tile picture. Wish me luck, it seems like I always try to cram in too much at once.......

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