Monday, September 13, 2010

Hollywood Regency Glam

Hollywood regency is the new shabby chic. Its official - this hard-to-describe but easy-to-spot style has been invading living rooms for a few years and has slowly made its way into the nursery. Characteristics of this style include:
  • Clean lines
  • White furniture in a high gloss finish
  • Graphic patterned wallpaper or rugs
  • Mirrored accessories
  • Chrome
Here are some shots for inspiration:

image from here

image from here

image from here

And here are some easy DIY things you can do to the nursery to infuse it with this style:
  • Add a painted piece of furniture. A long dresser can be used as a changing table, and an old vanity can have new life with a coat of high gloss paint. Add crystal knobs for an extra special touch

  • Add a mirrored touch. Accessories like these are cute, or for a more baby safe option try a lamp with a mirrored base for on top of a dresser
image from here, items from Target
  • Add a DIY wall stencil that looks like wall paper. Try painting it on just one wall to save time and money

image from Jones Design Company. Click here to visit their blog and a DIY tutorial for this wall detail
  • Choose a white crib or dresser with clean lines. Extra points if it has a high gloss finish!
this one is from Bratt Decor. I found a similar Bratt crib on craigslist for just $200!

Stayed tuned for a post about how to glam up your basic white crib.....