Friday, August 20, 2010

Style File Additions

When I search the web for nurseries to share with you guys, I often have a certain photo or color combo I am looking for. I often come across pictures that are amazing, just not right for what I am looking for at the time. I keep these in a picture folder, or "style file," something I can access when its time to decorate my own nursery. Its a good way to keep up with things you like, so when it comes time to create you already have a stash of ideas. You can use the idea for anything - home decor, future DIY project, weddings, parties, whatever. Here is what I added to my style file in the last few weeks:

If I had a little girl, this is my new favorite color scheme. Pale blue with pops of graphic pink and white.

Boy or girl I am obsessed with large horizontal stripes. These pale blue ones are just perfect.

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