Thursday, August 12, 2010

Shop Spotlight: Gussied Up Furniture

Lately I have been really into painted furniture. It seems to be all the rage in blogland and for good reason. Painted furniture can transform an old, worn out piece into something personal and perfect for your room. I have attempted a few pieces of my own but I am by no means a professional like Colleen from Gussied Up Furniture. Located right here in Austin, TX, Colleen specializes in painted and decoupaged furniture and let me tell you - it is amazing! Here are a few of my favorite pieces:

And just so you can see the transformations she is capable of, a before and after pic:

Colleen sells her pieces on her website and let me tell you - her prices are amazing. She also offers workshops to teach you how to do it yourself! That's right - she is willing to teach you all her secrets so you can create fabulous pieces for your home as well! Just think of all the $ you could save if you could transform old Goodwill finds into something amazing. To get more info on the classes, visit her website here or contact her here.

Live in Texas but not Austin? Make it a girls weekend and come on down to visit us and take a workshop. Austin has so much to offer (unique vintage shops, cheap restaurants, parks) and is a great place to visit!

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