Thursday, July 1, 2010

Show the Ceiling Some Love!

Recently, a friend of mine told me that whenever he paints the walls in a room, he also does the ceiling. Really? I have never painted a ceiling before but I know how messy I am and I just imagine paint dripping all over my head. He said it was easier than worrying about getting paint on the ceiling - just paint over if. Whatever!

That did get me thinking, however, that I have been seeing more and more ceilings painted with accent colors. We decorate the floor with rugs, but I think the ceiling often gets neglected. Here are a few shots to inspire you to pick another paint color (I know, more decisions!) for the ceiling. After all, doesn't Baby look up quite a bit? Why not give him something to smile about!

Stripes - cute but definitely not for beginners!

image from here

Interesting picture molding where the color continues to the ceiling

image from here

Scalloped edges add a super girly touch

image from

Notice how many of the painted ceilings also have crown molding to separate the 2 colors

by Kristin DeMarco, featured on DesignDazzle

This color reminds me of my favorite Baskin Robins flavor, Daiquiri Ice

image from To learn more about their nursery, click here

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