Friday, July 16, 2010

Moroccan Argyle Monogram

This next painting was done for my fabulous blog designer, Shay. It was inspired by the colors and patterns used at her son's 2nd birthday party. The Mickey Mouse them featured red and turquoise accents, and of course, amazing graphics!

Shay was nice enough to share some of the party printables on her blog and you can check out more info here.

Here are some shots from the party:

And here is her son's room, with the current wall art (left over from the party):

And here is what I created for her:

She wanted something using aqua, gray and white. Her design style is very graphic (duh, she is a graphic designer!) and she mentioned she liked argyle and Moroccan details and patterns. So I combined the 2 and came up with this pattern using some tessellation creating skills I learned in elementary school. A sophisticated pattern that is sure to grow up with Ronnie!

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