Friday, June 4, 2010

Maps & Globes

As I browse the web looking for the best ideas to share, I have been seeing lots of creative ways to incorporate maps into your nursery and playroom decor. When The Husband and I went on our honeymoon to St. Lucia we picked up a map of the area with the thought of one day hanging them with other maps from our travels. I think that map is still in a closet somewhere, but it would be a perfect way to personalize a nursery.

If you love to travel, think about using simple furnishings and bedding and adding accents from your travels - including new or vintage maps you picked up along the way. If you weren't thinking that far ahead check out ebay for maps of places you have already been.

This PB Kids map retails for $159 - I am picturing something more custom, with landmarks and places that are important to the family - like Grandma's house!

This Oopsy Daisy wall art is actually printed canvas:

This Restoration Hardware mobile is no longer available, but you can create your own with globes. Add a personal touch with gold stars or pins on placed you have been.

This large map takes up a blank wall and pairs perfectly with the transportation elements of the room:

This dresser got a makeover with decoupage and vintage apartment door numbers:

image from here

J, I know there are no kiddies in the near future but this one would be perfect for you!

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