Saturday, May 15, 2010

Workin' all Weekend!

So its 10 pm on Saturday night and this is what my dining room looks like:

I know what you're thinking. Someone as fab as me should have a craft room - right? Ha! In real life, my work space is my dining room. We live pretty far from both of our families so we rarely have dinner guests and don't need a formal dining room. Instead I have a blue gingham sheet turned drop cloth (that is left over from my blue and yellow Laura Ashley childhood bedroom) covered in canvas and paint.

I know its weird, I like to paint on the floor. That way I can lay out multiple projects at a time and hop around and work on them all while other parts dry.

I have 6 orders right now for a total of 19 pictures to paint in the next 2 weeks. Insane!

And that giant one that is white with the squares - that is a project for myself. I am finally attempting to create something for my own bedroom and I really hope it turns out the way I am planning. I don't often paint things for my own house so who knows!

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