Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Vintage Golf Inspired Room

I got a request last week for some vintage golf inspired ideas. You know I love all things preppy so I was more than happy to put some things together.

Naturally I started thinking green, blue and white for colors and nothing says vintage golf like argyle!

This bedding from JoJo Designs comes with tons of extras and is only $209!

Or, this Bananafish Nantucket from Target, its perfectly preppy and the alligator reminds me of Lacoste

Plus, it would look great with an argyle wall like this one:

I found this vintage golf themed room, complete with preppy plaid curtains and a custom golf mural around the room:

photo from Project Nursery

And for artwork, I've done a few things that go with the theme:

Or this sport mix, where I used a textured paper to look like a golf ball:

But, for this theme, I think a preppy monogram 3 canvas set with a golf ball, club head and flag would be adorable.

Hope that helps get the ball rolling....HA!

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