Thursday, May 20, 2010

I'm Loving Espresso & White Furniture

Espresso and white, the perfect mix of masculine and feminine. Not to heavy, but not to0 babyish. Both classic and modern with clean lines. I love the color combo and I think it is something I would want to work into my own nursery if I had one.

After searching for examples to share I realized something - there is a big discrepancy in price levels for this type of design. I found either inexpensive picks or really pricey ones, but not much in between.

Here are my favorite budget buys:

WalMart Baby Mod Olivia crib - $299 - this one actually gets GREAT reviews!

Sorelle Commuter Crib from Target- $378 - nice crib but the manufacturer can be hard to work with if it isn't delivered in perfect condition

Babyletto Mercer crib - $399 - made by the folks at Da Vinci - with a wide range of coordinating pieces available. You can mix and match with other collections espresso pieces as well.

And for those of you with expensive taste looking for high-end furniture:

PB Baby Skylar crib - $699 - this might just be my dream crib!

Cub by Netto - crib $890 - the wood on this one is beautiful in person!

I found other high end options from Newport Cottages, ducduc and Spot on Square. Check them out if you are interested. In some cases, you do get what you pay for and the more expensive furniture will last a lifetime. But do you really need a crib that will last forever?

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