Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Before & After - My Altar'd Makeover

So I am still looking for drawer pulls for my Altar'd makeover but since I talked to like 3 friends yesterday and they all said "I checked your blog to see if you posted pictures" I thought I would go ahead and share.

First, let me just say that the class was amazing and very helpful! Mandi and her husband have been doing furniture makeovers for quite some time and they were nice enough to share their tips with us. I know they are planning on doing another one soon so if you live in the Houston area and want to attend be sure to check out their website and email Mandi.

Here is my $40 craigslist night stand BEFORE - I loved the lines and thought they would go nicely with the striped headboard in the guest room I planned on putting it in

Here is the midway AFTER - its an antique white and I distressed the edges to make the lines more pronounced but I just knew it wasn't quite needed something more

Here is the BEFORE shot of the old night stand - really just an old end table from our apartment

And here is the final AFTER shot of my creation - after I added some chocolate brown paint!

close up:

Notice the mis-matched drawer pulls? I bought 2 different sets at Hobby Lobby but couldn't decided which one looked best. What do you think? The green goes with the room but is it too matchy matchy? Leave a comment and let me know what you think!


Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Typically I'm a matcher, but I love the white.

Blogging with the Bryan's said...

Definitely White!

mindibz said...

I vote green

Megan said...


Katie Newman said...

i love the green!

Emily said...

Looks fantastic!!! I'm actually buying the armoire and matching dresser she has on her site. We've been looking for furniture forever and I've really wanted an armoire. I'm so excited!!!

Not much help on the pulls... in certain pictures I like one better than the other, then in others I like the other. If they had the green-shaped pull in white...that would look great! Tough choice!

TK said...

Definitely green.

Mandie@Altar'd said...

GREEN!!!! And, you did an amazing job! You didn't need this class! But, we really enjoyed having you!
~Mandie @ Altar'd

Velma G said...

I like the green for this room... Keep the white though cause if you change colors or put it in a different room... they are the perfect style! :)