Friday, May 7, 2010

Altered Furniture

This coming weekend The Husband is playing in a golf tourney in Houston. I went with him last year to the same one and not so happily sat at the house all day waiting for him to finish. Let's just say I wasn't SUPER excited about going again this year. Until I noticed that a blog I follow, Alter'd Furniture, was having a workshop to teach readers all about the art of painting and antiquing furniture. In Houston. Um, sign me up!

So this weekend I will be taking a small piece of furniture (which I sadly have yet to find!) and learning how to turn it into something amazing! Just to tempt you, here are some before and after pieces that the crew at Altered has done:





The husband and wife team at Alter'd can transform a piece you have, or one they find, into something truly unique and amazing. They do everything by hand and I am just so excited to learn from them!

If you live in the Houston area, or anywhere in Texas for that matter, be sure to check out their site. Their prices are very reasonable and they will even pick up and deliver for a small fee. Email them at to get started.


Emily said...

Let me know how the class goes! I would LOVE to learn how to refinish furniture (AND it actually look good). We are attempting to repaint & restain 2 pieces for the nursery... after seeing some of her pieces available and the great prices, I'm wondering if it's worth the effort to attempt to do it myself. :-)

Angie said...

Can't WAIT to see the "after" pictures of your furniture!