Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Change Up The Changing Table

I always hear people say they never used their changing table. As a person without kids this seems impossible to me but maybe once you have them you just end up changing them wherever? Who knows? I guess that is why dressers with changing trays have become so popular - that way you don't have a dedicated piece of furniture that you don't need after they are done with diapers.

If you have a small room or you don't want to go the traditional changing table route, here are a few ideas that you can use instead:

If you have an extra-wide closet, try positioning the changing table inside. Baby clothes are small and don't take up much room in the closet anyway. When you don't need the table anymore you can move it out or use it to store and organize toys

The Oeuf changing station attaches to the top of any oeuf crib, as well as most standard cribs. It saves space and allows you to change baby at an easier angle

DIYNetwork.com featured this DIY changing table that is built into the wall. For step by step instructions - click here. Warning: Project required you to cut through drywall so not a good project for renters.

This old desk was transformed into a changing station with some paint and decorative fabric. As baby grows, you can change it back into a desk or a vanity for later

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