Monday, February 15, 2010

Thoughts on a Sip N' See

A friend of mine recently emailed to get my thoughts on having a Sip 'n' See party. For those of you that are not familiar with this somewhat Southern tradition, a Sip 'n' See is a sort of after-the-fact baby shower where friends and family come to your home to see your new baby and sip on some tea or punch. This type of party is great if baby came early and you missed a shower, for a second child where you are not comfortable having a shower with gifts, or to throw yourself. There are no real rules for a Sip 'n' See but after reading a few articles and other blog posts, here are some thoughts I came up with:

Timing - They can be held late morning or mid afternoon. Plan it around your baby's nap time, after all, people are there to see the baby!

No Gifts - Especially if you are hosting in your own home, it is nice to put on the invite "No Gifts Please." However, don't be surprised if friends that you haven't seen since the birth do come with a gift.

Refreshments - People will be coming and going, so it is nice to have some refreshments that can sit out for a few hours. Nothing too fancy - fruit punch, finger sandwiches, chicken salad, fruit and nuts are always good. Depending on the time of day and your personal preference, you can add in an appropriate cocktail such as a mimosa or bellini.

Entertainment - My friend asked about entertainment. Since the baby is the main attraction, entertainment or party games are not necessary. People will be coming in and out so it may be hard to gather everyone for a game. Have some soft music playing in the background and maybe a picture slide show of the new baby on the TV or a computer.

Decor - Decorations are not necessary but do expect people to want a tour of the house and baby's room so make sure your nursery is all picked up! At some Sip 'n' Sees is it traditional to display some of the baby gifts received, so if you want to neatly arrange some of the things in Baby's room that is great. Other than that, a nice tablescape and a neat house are plenty.

Favors - My friend also asked about favors, which I don't think are necessary but if you really want to do them feel free. Some ideas include a soothing Lullabye CD if there are lots of other Mommies coming or a baby bottle filled with candy or trail mix.

Hope that helps, Alana!

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The Latiolais' said...

THANKS KIM! I will take pics of what I do and send it your way when it's done. Should be a good time!