Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Trash To Treasure Tuesday: Hand Me Down Decor

Its Trash To Treasure Tuesday over at Reinvented. Click to check it out!

Last weekend The Husband and I had a whirlwind trip around Houston, stopping off at his parent's house, our nephews 1st birthday party, my hometown salon and finally, my parent's house. My parents recently gutted their 1988 kitchen and got all new custom cabinets, counter tops and appliances. In the process, Mom cleaning out her cupboards and had a few things waiting for me when I arrived.

First up, a coffee pitcher and mug set she got as a wedding gift and never used once:

Its a little more yellow than the picture lets on and i thought it kinda went with my Tuscan kitchen. Now that I am looking at the picture thought its looking kinda dated......

I also picked through her collection of antique Mason jars. They used to line a cabinet and were filled with dry pasta and beans. Very country kitchen. I choose a collection with screw tops and am am trying to come up with a good place or craft to use them.

I found this picture and love the idea of using them to store crafty bits but I don't have a bunch the same size and with them being antique I don't know if I want to ruin them. Maybe I will just fill them with flour, sugar, baking powder and other dry goods and trick people into thinking I actually bake.

If you have any cool ideas, email them to me. And, if you know how much these things are worth, let me know b/c my Mom has a ton more she wants to sell.

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