Monday, November 23, 2009

Real Life Room: Caleb's Monkey Room

A few weekends ago when we were in Houston for my nephews birthday I snapped these pics of his nursery to share. Enjoy!

His crib is diagonal in a corner. My sister-in-law painted the letters navy and white to match the bedding. The monkey picture is from Pottery Barn.

This is the picture that started it all. They asked me to paint something for the nursery that incorporated their colors (navy and white) and something they love (the beach). After that, people started wanting to buy my art and the blog was born!

Caleb is lucky enough to have 2 crafty Aunties, another one painted this palm tree picture for the other corner of the room. Wonder if that means Caleb is going to grow up to be an artist?

With a family full of educators, reading is very important to us. Jamie put these little bookshelves right above the chair rail so that the books were easy to get to. He already has quite a stash!

This picture also shows of the navy and tan walls with white chair railing. As a rule of thumb (that can always be broken!) put the darker color on the bottom and a lighter on top.

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