Friday, October 23, 2009

Mason's 1st Birthday

Last month we had the privilege of attending Mason's 1st birthday. I have to admit, it was my first 1 year old birthday party (I know, none of my friends are having babies!) and it was a bit overwhelming. While the kiddos were busy playing I was busy snapping some pics of the AMAZING decor our cousin Sarah put together. She got most of the decorations from etsy shop Dimpleprints - this amazing shop that offers customized "print your own" decor packages. Such a great idea. I will be featuring her stuff (and a coupon!) on an upcoming Sunday post.

The theme of the party was construction and Sarah did so many things with it. It started with a personalized invitation in the yellow and black color scheme with Mason's picture on it. Below are some of my favorite pics from the party:

Swag banner with numbers 1 - 12 and a picture of Mason at every month

Yummy brownies in the back of a dump truck. Little sign says "Load of Dirt"

Homeade cupcakes with custom road wrappers and toppers printed from Dimpleprints

Easy-to-make brownie cake with chocolate frosting in the shape of a 1. Add a few toy trucks digging up the cake for a fun touch.

For favors, Sarah had little construction hats hung on the wall with all the kid's names personalized on the front. Can be easily done with a sharpie to save $

Another give-away, dollar store books wrapped in ribbon and displayed in another dump truck.

Bonus - Mason gets to keep all the trucks used to decorate! Thanks Sarah for having us and check back soon for more on these printable party decorations!

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