Monday, September 14, 2009

Going Out with a Bang: Southern Style

When a friend gets married its an exciting event. But, when they move, that excitement is bittersweet. Such is the case with our good friend Lauren - founder of the infamous Book Club aka Wine Club. So, instead of Book Club last week we had a surprise going away party/shower for her! Fun! I offered to host at my house and went with a "Texas" theme since she is leaving us to move to Washington D.C. and will not be getting to have all her favorite Texas treats such as Chuy's jalapeno ranch and Hey Cupcake! cupcakes.

Now, let me first share some of my thoughts on showers with you. I firmly believe it doesn't take a lot of cash to throw a nice shower that the guest of honor will love and appreciate. Lately I have quite a few friends that have co-hosted showers that ended up costing them a TON of money and I just think that is silly. Times are tough right now and I think there are much better things to spend your money on that decorations and drinks at a baby shower. Throwing a shower on a budget forces you to get creative and here are some of the tips and tricks I used for Lauren's party:

First, I did a little decorating. I gathered things from around my house that went with my theme, including a Texas flag painting I did for The Husband back in college and a Texas A&M snowglobe (she's an Aggie). I also made a couple of banners using scrapbook paper and ribbon. I purchased 8.5x11" pages and cut each into a triangle. Use a hole-punch to punch 2 holes in each and thread ribbon through. I went with patterns that went with my theme but that were generic enough that I would be able to use them again. To store, just unthread the ribbon and put all your pieces in a large envelope. That way none of the edges are wrinkled for next time.

To add some punch to the cupcakes, I made these little cake decorations using more scrapbook paper and a paper punch I already had. They were really easy to make and can be personalized with any shape or letter you want. Just cut 2 main pieces (I used circles), glue on an embellishment and glue together with a toothpick inside.

After I was done with all my crafts I even used the scrap paper to cut out more chapel shapes to use as confetti:

Lastly, I created a special monogram canvas to display on the gift table and also to give Lauren at the end of the shower. I used her wedding colors, but also made it generic enough that she could display it in her new home after the wedding.

I love how it turned out and I am excited to start offering this canvas style to my grown up customers. I added a new section to the pricing page with information and options. Makes a great wedding or housewarming gift!

Tomorrow I am going to share the menu from the party so be sure to check back for some great dip recipes that are simple and tasty.

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That canvas is too cute!