Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Half-Pipe Hip

My decorating ideas usually start out with me seeing something cool while shopping or dining with The Husband. Then it moves into me embarrassing him by trying to take a picture of the inspiring object with the iPhone........enter this picture of skateboards hanging on the wall of my favorite fish taco bar in Austin. I apologize for the picture quality.....

A friend of mine asked me to keep an eye out for some cool skateboard ideas for her son's room. I thought these skateboards mounted on the wall were super cool - and easy to do yourself. If you have any old skateboards your son isn't using, hang them up in a group. If you don't have enough, check out garage sales or places like Play it Again Sports for some discount finds.

For some skater-inspired wall decor, check out these cool designs from The Land of Nod.

Or, how cool would it be do have your son's name done in a graffiti style, like this:
This is a theme that will grow with them and still be cool well into the teen years.

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