Friday, August 7, 2009

Bumper or No Bumper? What's a Girl To Do!

I recently got an email from my prego friend asking for some cute ideas to decorate her non-crib-bumper nursery. For safety reasons she has decided to skip the bumper but is bummed because it is one of the cutest parts of the crib set.

Just for reference, here is was the American Acadamy of Pediatrics says about safe bedding practices for infants:
  • Place baby on his or her back on a firm tight-fitting mattress in a crib that meets current safety standards.
  • Remove pillows, pillow-like bumper pads, quilts, comforters, sheepskins, stuffed toys, and other soft products from the crib.
  • Consider using a sleeper or other sleep clothing as an alternative to blankets, with no other covering.
  • If using a blanket, put baby with feet at the foot of the crib. Tuck a thin blanket around the crib mattress, reaching only as far as the baby's chest.
  • Make sure your baby's head remains uncovered during sleep.
  • Do not place baby on a water bed, sofa, soft mattress, pillow, or other soft surface.

Crib bumpers used to be important for safety reasons because the slats in cribs were much wider and bumpers prevented baby from becoming trapped. But, with new regulations on cribs the bumper has recently become a point of controversy. So, if you decide not to use a bumper, here are some suggestion to add color and interest to your crib:

Crib Fringe - The famous Babylicious bumper alternative – crib fringe brings back the decorative element to the nursery if you've chosen no bumpers for your baby. More and more experts warn that bumper pads may increase your baby's risk for SIDS. Use our innovative crib fringe to decorate baby's crib more safely. Ties to the long sides of the crib's rails on the inside when baby is newborn, and then move to the outside when baby can start to reach up. A set of 2, one for each long rail looks adorable. Also great as a window valance on a rod, as a pennant, or to trim the change table! 100% cotton.

Ceiling Sculpture - Draw the eyes up with something interesting hanging from the ceiling. Check out this DIY mobile featured on Spearmint Baby:

Decorative Wall Paint - Add a painted monogram or vinyl decal behind the crib to bring the eyes up and add interest behind it. Visit for wall decals at an affordable price. These are also great if you are in an apartment or rental and can't paint the walls!

Or, add some decorative paint detail all around the room. The crib below only has part of the bumper on, and you don't even notice because the cool wall treatment is the focus:

Ceiling Swag - Drape fabric above the crib to create a soft swag. Below is the best picture I could find of what I am talking about but basically you could use a long panel of fabric, suspend 2 rods from the ceiling hanging horizontally and drape fabric over the crib.

If that sounds like too much, try a mosquito net instead.

Hope that helps Alana!

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writing4612 said...

Those are some very unique ideas. I've never heard that about a crip bumper. Doctors are always saying something is wrong--to each their own.