Thursday, July 30, 2009

Throw Me A Line

For some reason I just love these nursery flashcards. I blogged about a set from Eeboo a few months ago and I still love them. I love the idea of stringing them on a clothes line, that way you can take them down and use them in learning activities later. Art and education all in one! Plus, $25 for the set of 26 cards and a few bucks for wooden clothes pins (available at Target) is a bargain!

Another great clothesline idea is to use it to display post cards and pictures from travels in Baby's room. I like to add a personal touch to every room and its a great way to display cards and pictures of Grandma and Grandpa.

For older kids, hang a line in their room or playroom and let them display their newest artwork and projects from school. Try painting the clothespins to match the room or use a piece of gross grain ribbon for the sting to add some more color.

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mindibz said...

Where are the flash cards pictured in this post from? They're too cute. I couldn't tell if the pins plus the cards were from Target, or just the pins. Thanks!