Thursday, July 16, 2009

Stroller & Car Seat 101: Post 3 of 3

So, now that you read about the different categories and you know my top picks in each it is time to think about what will work for you. The best options for you is not necessarily the best for your friend or what the baby books tell you. Think about your lifestyle and your budget. Here are some lifestyle categories and what I think would work best for each:

Stylish & Modern/Fashionista - You and your mate like nice things, have the latest and greatest electronics and drive a nice vehicle. You will probably end up with a luxury single stroller such as a Bugaboo or Orbit Travel System. You will also need a high-quality umbrella stroller like a Maclaren for short trips and traveling. If you also like to exercise, go with the Bob Revolution or Revolution 12" AW.

Champagne Taste, Beer Budget - Want something that looks designer without the price tag? Try the Quinny Zap to create a stylish travel system. This stroller doesn't have all the features of the full size but does a good job and will save you some $.

Practical but Been Saving Those Pennies - Think $800 strollers are nuts but still want something that is very well made? Go with the Peg Perego infant car seat and one of their single strollers. Or, try the BumbleRide Flyer or Baby Jogger City Mini. Another cool option if you have the room in the trunk for it is the UppaBaby Vista system.

Granola Muncher - Outdoorsy? You can probably get away with a jogging stroller as your main stroller if you choose one that also fits an infant seat. Just be sure to choose one that has a rotating front wheel. Otherwise, with a stationary wheel, you are going to have a hard time turning and will get really frustrated. I suggest the BOB Revolution or Revolution 12" AW with infant car seat adapter. It accepts a few major brands of infant car seats including the Chicco KeyFit (which is not listed on the BOB site). This is the stroller I purchased for my brother and sister-in law. With this you will also want an umbrella stroller.

First Time & Frugal - Many first time parents opt for the travel system. The Chicco Cortina Travel System is great and so are most Graco models. Choose one with an infant seat that has a 30 lb weight limit if you want it to last a little longer. If you go this route you will probably want a smaller stroller for later, so try a Chicco umbrella stroller or the Babies R Us Wendy Bellissimo brand.

Budget Babe - If you are minimalist and on a tight budget I suggest a frame stroller for the infant car seat and a medium quality umbrella stroller with recline for when they outgrow the infant seat. Or, skip the infant car seat and go straight to the convertible car seat. Just be sure to choose a stroller with an almost flat recline that will accommodate your newborn. Any single Graco stroller or Chicco Cortina stroller will do nicely. Or, got with the Maclaren Techno for quality that will last through multiple children. You will spend a bit more up front but will never need anything else.

Hopefully this gives some guidance to those of you that are expecting. Have any more questions? I would love to try and help, email me at customnurseryart (at)

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