Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sensational Site Sunday - Funny Bones

Sometimes I just feel overwhelemed with all I have going on and I don't really want to do anything that takes mental effort. When that happens, there are a few websites I like to visit for a quick little break and some laughter. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!
  • Best of Craigslist - Nominated by fellow Craigslisters, these ads are sometimes serious but always funny and range from humorous missed encounters to rants from your local grocery store clerk. They change pretty frequently so there is always a new laugh.

  • Texts from Last Night - Pretty much how it sounds - people can send in funny and random texts they received the night before - not always clean but always funny. Makes me glad I am no longer in college and not up late anymore though.....

  • Dlisted - If you love The Soup and Chelsea Lately as much as I do you will love this blog. This gossip site mixes news with sarcasm and the blogger is super funny. Beware - not always tame enough to view at work!

  • I Hate Green Beans - This is a new one on my list - thanks to the Sister-in-Law. Great Bachelorette recaps + funny rants

Enjoy! PS - I have been a busy little bee and will have quite a few new paintings to show this week so be sure to check back!

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another good one is :

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