Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Painted Headboard

Time to upgrade to a big kid bed? Don't want to spend the extra $ for a headboard in the guest room? Painting a headboard is a great way to save money and add a custom look. The two-tone green version above is from Creatively Kept and is painted to look like a traditional headboard with posts.

This project is not just for kid's rooms though, it would work well in a guest bedroom or even a smaller master bedroom. If you are tight on space is a great way to add interest without taking up valuable room real estate. I imagine the room below is from a small NYC apartment where a stylish Parson's School student lives. Sorry, I was living vicariously through my friend Kristen for a second. She recently quit her job to move to NYC and attend Parson's and I am super jealous.....not that I want to move I just like to think of myself as a stylish city chic that wears dresses I created while walking around Central Park......

Not up for painting yourself? Try a vinyl version like this one from Etsy seller ArtWallProject. At just $28 its the cheapest headboard you can find!

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