Thursday, June 25, 2009

Make That Old Ceiling Fan Soar!

People often ask me where I get my design ideas. The answer is EVERYWHERE. I am literally inspired everywhere I turn and have to jot down ideas in a notepad or in my iPhone so I don't forget them. The pattern in the painting over my fireplace came from a JCrew belt I was wearing one day. Just last month I was flipping through my InStyle and came across this suped-up ceiling fan and I thought it was a perfect project to share. Ceiling fans are essential in TX but they are not always so stylish. So if you are looking to upgrade your existing fan or put in a new one, here are the steps to turning it into a style statement:

  1. If the fan is already installed, safely remove the fan
  2. Use a screwdriver to take off the blades and open motor casing
  3. Lightly sand all surfaces to be painted - this will remove the shiny finish and make the paint stick better
  4. Cover any ventilation holes in the motor casing from the inside with painters tape
  5. Evenly spray all fan parts including the blades (which you could even do a different color)
  6. For extra punch, purchase and inexpensive ceiling medallion and paint this as well. This will really make it look custom
  7. After the paint dries, put all pieces back together and reinstall (perfect project for Dad-to-Be or a handy man!)
Pictures in the article are a $55 Hampton Bay fan and $20 beaded medallion from Home Depot. Add 2 $5 cans of Rust-Oleum and you are looking at an $85 project that packs a big punch!

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