Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Double Trouble - Twin Time

I know a couple of my readers are having twins, so I thought I would do a special post for them about decorating the nursery double style! If you are lucky enough to have 2 bedrooms to dedicate one to each, that is awesome. But if you only have one, or would prefer to put them in the same room, you have double the decor to think about! Here are a few tips and tricks for designing for two:

First, Make Room! Most often parents put the crib against the wall. If you need room for 2 try putting the short end up against the wall to make more space. If possible, leave a gap in the middle that is large enough for you to fit through so you can access the babies from all sides! Below is an example with the Ouef Sparrow crib. Love the yellow, white and red color scheme. Very unexpected!

This red and white theme nursery looks more West Elm that Babies R Us! Wish my living room looked this posh!

Choose Coordinating Bedding - Whether you are having 2 boys, 2 girls or one of each, there are tons of bedding options out there in the same pattern but with different colors. Choosing like bedding will help the room look coordinated. I like this pattern, available in pink, blue and green from Trend Lab. Bonus - it won't break the bank!

Banana Fish also makes a couple of sets in both pink and blue for a coordinating look:

Need More Space? A mini crib is a good alternative to a full size crib. Many crib makers have these but my favorite come from Da Vinci. Many of them use the front and back of the crib to convert to a twin size bed so you can use them for the next few years. But, if you are going to go with the mini crib, know that there are less bedding choices for this size. You might have to go with something in solid colors. Try American Baby Company for the best selection.

Make it Modern - 2 babies mean almost twice as much stuff. Clean lines and simple shapes and colors can help everything feel less overwhelming and cluttered. This calming paint shade and simple wall decor make the space more soothing - which is always a good thing when you have 2 babies!

Personalize It - You want each child to feel unique, and monogram decals like these will help add an individual touch for each baby. I am also amazed at how these 4 poster cribs don't look overwhelming in the space - so pretty!


Anonymous said...

very cute rooms!...but the "West Elm" edition won't look like that for long...the pillows will be on the floor before the baby is in the first night...and the dresser will have to be moved as soon as they start pulling up...better move it to the living room ;) haha!

KBenke said...

Thanks Kim for the great ideas!! I love the last cute!

Lindsay said...

having twins cribs are the way to go!! :) they are now serving as twin headboard/footboards. saves you money now and later!!

Lindsey said...

Where can I find out more details on the "West Elm" looking room?? I really like the cribs and I am interested in where the bedding came from.