Monday, June 1, 2009

I <3 My Label Maker

If you don't have a label maker, you really must have one. It will change your life. Or at least the way you organize it. Gone are the days when label makers are not user friendly and the punch the paper with a raised, white letter. They have gone digital! I got one a few years ago and used it to label all of my shoe boxes. I keep my shoes in clear plastic toes, not because I have expensive shoes and because I am crazy, but because most of them come from the clearance bin at DSW and don't come with a box top, thus they don't stack well.

I also used it to label the shelves in my linen closet. I separated all the sheets into sizes and labeled each section by size. That way I don't have to guess as to which size the blue checks from my room as a teenager are. I am sure when guests open up the linen closet in the guest bathroom (because come on, you know you do it) they think I am nuts.

There are also tons of things you can do with the kiddos and your label maker. Check out this adorable project from Living and Learning Now Blog.

So, next time your Mom or Husband as you what you want for your birthday and you can not come up with anything, I suggest a label maker! There is not limit to the amount of things you can organize and label!

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