Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sensational Site Sunday - Reinvented Blog

Happy Sunday everyone! The DH and I just returned from a fabulous wedding in Corpus Christi, TX and we had so much fun. The entire weekend had a fiesta theme and the food and decorations were fabulous! Unfortunately I had a few too many fiesta inspired cocktails and I kinda forgot to take some pictures of the decor for the blog.......

Today's Sensational Site is one I have been frequenting often these past few weeks. Its a blog called Reinvented, and it is all about saving $$ and making things out of stuff you already have - or stuff you pick up at a thrift store. And if you read my blog, you know I am all about bargain hunting and DIY projects so it is a perfect fit! This girl even loves garage sales as much as I do!

She features a weekly post called "Trash to Treasure Tuesday" where she creates the most amazing things out of household items and thrift store finds. Like this pedestal made from an old candlestick and a plate:

Last week I emailed her my idea for a Swap Party and she featured my idea on her blog this weekend - check out this link. Hopefully it will send some traffic my way. I have been getting between 30 and 40 hits a day these past few weeks and that is great. Another highlight of my day last week was finding that I am ranked #4 on Google when you search "custom nursery art." I almost screamed when I saw it. So keep passing the site along to your friends and if you have a blog, add me to you blog list. I really appreciate all the support, thanks guys!

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