Sunday, April 12, 2009

Pottery Barn + Dwell = Custom Creation

What do you get when you cross a piece of Dwell Art:With this Pottery Barn Teen Nottingham Floral Rug:

And these Pottery Barn Kids Brooke Sheets?

Well, you get this custom creation by Kimberly:

This set of 3 16x20 canvases are my latest creation for a customer in Houston. After sharing some of her favorite items with me, I set about creating something that would combine all of them. After a couple of sketches, we finally decided on this combination of the rug and the Dwell print. With their toddler moving into her "big girl" room, the parents wanted something that would stand the test of time and not be too "babyish" too soon. With white walls, and a white duvet cover (yes, she is a brave mom!) these pieces will really add a punch of color.

This set was really fun for me to work on, it is more free form and has more detail that some of my previous creations and I am so glad that the parents love it as much as I do! I remember my tween bedroom (think yellow, blue and Laura Ashley florals) and how much I loved it. Its funny to think that my work will be in someones room and when they look back on growing up, I will be in the background!

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