Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hey Little Lady....Bug

I know its a late night post, but I just returned from "book club" where I delivered my latest work to a friend. She ordered a set of 3 pieces as a gift for her brother and sister-in-law. As always, I was nervous to deliver the final product. I am always nervous when showing my work to anyone, but luckily, she loved it and I am so happy.

The request was for a set of 3 pictures with a pink and brown ladybug theme. The mom-to-be loves lady bugs and had bedding made with a ladybug and butterfly theme. After seeing a picture of the bedding, I was off to create the perfect set. I love being given artistic freedom and I must say I was pretty happy with the result.

I just think that custom art is such a unique gift to give and I am so glad I was able to help a friend give the perfect present. After all, she is going to be the favorite Aunt!

I also realized this week that I tend to post lots of girly things so I promise to make an effort to post more boy ideas for those of you with a little future frat boy on your hands.

On another note, I just have to say how much I enjoy my book club. Well, let's admit it, I don't even know what book it was this month, it is more of a wine club. I really have to thank the friend that organized it last year for introducing me to such a fun group of girls. We are all so different, with very strong personalities and have such a good time when we get together. Single, married or new mommy, I think it is so important for women to make time to get out of the house or away from the office to be with each other. Whether you discuss a classic novel, a cheap $10 bottle of wine or what happened on The Bachelor, sometimes the highlight of my week is getting together with the girls for a little chit chat.

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Shirley Cox said...

Kimberly, I love the ladybugs. (not enough to have more babies). Your work is wonderful. So impressed with your talent. I also appreciate your guidance with Craigslist.