Thursday, February 19, 2009

Going Green in Theme

"Going Green" are buzz words you here everywhere these days. From cleaning products to sustainable hardwood furniture to baby products, everyone is looking for eco-friendly options for every room in their house. Many people start thinking about this even more when the become parents. Every parent wants to give their child the best and leaving them with a healthy planet. Lucky for you new mommies, there are plenty of green options out there for your little one's nursery.

Here are some simple things to think about when selecting items for your nursery:

  • For furniture, think sustainable hardwoods - sounds good and green but what exactly does that mean? Well, it means that trees used to create your beautiful crib were replaced with new baby trees after they were cut down
  • For a mattress, if your budget allows, look for organic options from Naturepedic and even Sealy. It may seem like more to spend, but if you think about how much time baby spends on the mattress, it is well worth it
  • There are tons of organic bedding lines out there ranging in price from $400 for a Q Collection Junior set all the way down to much more affordable sets from American Baby Company and Kidsline. And, if you think everything organic is brown, think again. These days there are many more options with nature themes.
  • For wall paint, look for low or no VOC paint. VOC, another buzz word. It means Volatile Organic Compound - with can produce fumes that have been linked to respiratory illness. Try Benjamin Moore's low-VOC Aura line which doesn't require primer and needs just one coat

So, if you are going green in what you buy, why not try a green theme as well? Since the blog is all about decor, I just couldn't resist some of these adorable natural theme decorations. These shelves from Pottery Barn can be added to a wall mural to create storage from books, photos and even toys. And, if painting a wall mural sounds like too much, check out these tree wall decals from Giggle.

You can use one or two to create a bright, cherry forest on the walls. Great on white walls and even better on a nice shade of green. Looking for something smaller than a wall mural? I would be happy to create you your very own forest on canvas. Subtract the pink flowers and add more birds, together we can create exactly what you are looking for.