Monday, October 31, 2011

Cool Nursery Color: Orange

Happy Halloween everyone!  Today Hadley is having her first playdate with her friend Sam.  At 6 months he is a much older man, hope she dates closer to her own age when the time comes!  I also plan on taking a picture of her in a ridiculously cute orange tutu outfit someone gave her at a shower.  And we picked up some Halloween candy, but I might just put it outside in a bowl with a note, not sure I want all the kids ringing the doorbell all night??

In honor of Halloween, I thought I would put together some nursery ideas using the color orange.  Enjoy!

So many orange nurseries mix blue, but I love how this one mixes pink and aqua.  Orange can be an overpowering color, so I like that they did just one wall.

image from Project Nursery

Orange and green is an unexpected color combo, but the right shade of orange plus the pop of yellow make these citrus colors perfect together

 image and design board from laybabylay blog

Many orange nurseries I saw were ultra modern, including this one with the orange crib and dresser.  These are from ducduc and quite pricey, but a similar look could be achieved by painting the drawer fronts of an old white dresser yourself.

 image from mymodbaby blog

Orange doesn't have to be modern, this one has a more vintage, almost gothic feel with the alphabet frames.  I like how the letter J is the largest, I am assuming it is for the baby's name?

image from here

And here is a lovely combo of fabrics using blue and orange.  I would love to see an orange leopard print mixed in there!

from etsy seller fingersandtoes - they did my nursery bedding!

Hope everyone has a spooky day!

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