Friday, January 4, 2013

1/2 DIY Play Kitchen

Mrs. Claus got a little behind this holiday season, and didn't finish H's big present until NYE.  Ever since she was a few months old, I knew I wanted to get her a play kitchen for Christmas and I am pretty happy with how it turned out.  I am sure I will be doing some additions as I see how she plays with it, but for now it is working just fine.  My hopes were that she would play with it while we cooked and ate dinner, but she is not quite there yet.  She will play with you for at least 10 minutes at a time, which at 14.5 months is pretty good!

I fell in love with the DIY kitchens I saw all over Pinterest where people had modified furniture, or even build one from scratch.  But with my Dad still working full time, and my non-existent wood cutting skills, I knew it just wasn't an option.  So instead I purchased an unfinished wood kitchen (on clearance at BBB last Christmas for just $40!).  My Dad put it together, and made a few modifications, like cutting the oven door into a larger square shape and adding an oven rack.  I painted it, added a tap light on the bottom of the oven (painted over the light with some nail polish to create the red glow) and added a thrifted spice rack to the side so she could hold some of her play food.

Right now it sits in our kitchen, but it is small enough to move into her room if we need more space or want to hide it during a dinner party (like that ever happens at our house!)


it originally looked like this

Treehaus kitchen *it is getting terrible reviews on Amazon for construction and quality, but it was what I wanted, and the only unfinished one I could find
Treehaus pots & pans set (don't see it for sale anywhere)
aqua paint - Sherwin Williams Breaktime - sample can
shiny silver paint - Martha Stewart line from HD, loved the shiny finish it created and it was only $5 for a small pot
LED tap light from Home Depot

For a similar simple look that is not huge and pink, I also like this one:

Hape Kitchen, $109 on

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